Friday, February 29, 2008

Crochet is calling to me

After (finally!) finishing my Peace Fleece Mid-East Market bag, I have been all hopped up on crochet.

I've been flipping through some mags, and not really finding the perfect project, but now one is smacking me upside the head.

Last week, I saw a Boteh scarf (Interweave Crochet, sp 07) on Crochet Me. Mmm, pretty I thought. I couldn't figure out why I didn't remember seeing it when I bought the mag, so I dug out the issue. Kim's version is so different. The original didn't jump out at me at all, just not my color. I would never have thought to try a variegated yarn.

It's been tickling the back of my mind the past few days, then today I came across another Boteh on Flickr, completely by chance.

Guess I'll be picking out some yarn and tracking down my hooks tonight!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet gifts and sweet little knits

J was off work early, so he picked M up from school so I could get a little cat-nap.

When they came back, they each had a card for me, plus flowers and candy, and a balloon for E.

I gave the boys cards with a little bag of Kissables.

J got a card and the 2-disk version of The Two Towers. I gave him The Fellowship of the Ring for Christmas, and he has been itching for the rest of the story.

This is going to take all the surprise out of things when his birthday rolls around.

We only made it to the end of Side One tonight. We'll have to watch the rest on Saturday night, as J and his nephew are hitting the mountain tomorrow.

On the knitting front, I finished my hat, and I love it. I was afraid it would be too small, but it's almost too big. I think that's good, because it will probably shrink a bit with future wear, especially with the singles yarn.

Pattern:Ring of Fire from Cider Moon
Yarn:Recycled Sweater and Handpainted Yarn Thick & Thin (disc.) in Col China
Needles:Knit Picks Options sz 6
Mods:Left out one repeat to adjust for gauge.

This soaker is a custom order I donated to a raffle for Jess's family.

Pattern: Curly Purly Soaker
Yarn: O-Wool Classic Oatmeal and Peace Fleece Grassroots

I've had this shopping bag for almost 2 years. Every few months I pull it out, work a couple of rounds, realize it's very wrong and put it back in time out. Last week I showed it to a co-worker and she helped me figure out how to make it work. I can't do it too much or my wrists get tired (it's been years since I've crocheted anything that took more than 5 minutes.), but I think it will be perfect to keep in the car for Farmer's Market trips this summer. PF bag

There's an A4A deadline coming up. This round, they are collecting newborn items. Since they usually get plenty of hats, I whipped out a couple pairs of socks. I should be able to do one more tomorrow and then pop them in the mail.

Then I have got to finalize my class handouts and outline. I'm teaching 2-at-once Toe-up Socks starting the 23rd. Eek!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Project Spectrum 2008

I didn't even realize there was a third round of PS until this morning, but my current WIP fits in perfectly with the theme for Feb and March.

This year, the theme is Elements, and I just happened to start Cider Moon's Ring of Fire hat this week.

rof wip

It's been a while since I've done any stranded knitting, and it's addictive. I have no desire to work on any other WIPs, and can't seem to set this down. I'm hoping to get it done today.

I'm using stash yarn for this. The black is from a recycled merino sweater, and the variegated is some discontinued Thick and Thin from Handpainted Yarn, in Col China. The colors are rather jarring in the skein, but perfect when toned down by the black.

I cut out a repeat to compensate for the larger gauge. I didn't swatch this, which is very out of character, so I'm just hoping it will fit. If not, I can tuck it away for future gifting.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Zipper Aggravation

No, not in the sewing it in part. I wish. I can't even find one that will look slightly better than ugly in the KP&S vest I just finished for E.

I've been googling all evening. I looked at JoAnn's and the local quilt shop.

I may have to settle for the wrong color, too boring, Coats & Clark plastic one.

I hate it when something that I think is going to be simple turns into a ridiculous ordeal. I just wanted something slightly fashionable.

If only those Clover purse zippers came in longer, separating styles.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Made my day!

Shelly gave me a

Thanks! It's just what I needed after a grueling 2 hour (!!) wait at the pediatrician's office.

Here are some people who Make My Day. Pass it on to 10 people.
Back atcha, Shelly. Love your blog and your scrumptious yarns;
Maia Spins;
Aija at sock pr0n;
Earthchick Knits;
Marin at AntiM and the Rickety Blog;
Kristin at Getting Stitched on the Farm;
Larissa at Stitch Marker;
Mariko at super eggplant;
Judy of Persistent Illusion.

Wow, that was hard. I read a lot of wonderful blogs. Taking a page from Shelly, I decided to focus on those that may be less widely known.

Thank you all for sharing your lives and crafts with me.