Friday, May 30, 2008

You'll be "Mythed"

RIP, Robert Aspirin.
I gobbled up the Myth Adventures and Thieves' World books starting in Middle School, and re-read most of them over the years.

Here's a bittersweet entry from Lynn Abbey.

Daily Kos
diarists weigh in, too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little knitting, a little random

May has been a very busy month. Due to popular request, I started a second session of my two-at-once sock class. It's very interesting how different classes need help with different things. The first group had some trouble with the increases and the magic loop technique. This group zoomed right through those, but took a bit longer to get the cast-on going.

E turned 3 in April. I'm stunned at how big he is, and how mature he seems.

I'm especially proud of the one knitted gift.

Armed with a basic felted pack pattern, and a couple hours on Google Image, I came up with . . .
Rescue Pack!

Details on Ravelry.

In other knitting news, I finally found my rhythm with Jeanie. And learned that it's best not to correct mistakes by the light of late (very late) night TV. When one of the dropped stitches stopped four rows from the bottom, I had to drop 9 stitches down 11 rows (past two cables) and knit them back the right way. Back on track now. It's not exactly zooming along, but it is a pleasurable experience. Smooshy certainly lives up to its name.

I'm almost to the heel on my Trekking Nine-to-Five Socks. These are my car knitting, and aren't getting too much attention, but they are pretty. Sorry no recent pix.

I want to knit about 80% of the projects in The Knitter's Book of Yarn, and the lovely plant-dyed yarn I bought at Abundant Yarn is perfect for the Little Shells Socks.

My resolve to follow the pattern lasted only as far as the last toe increase, when I decided to start the lace early.
Shelia laughed and said that's how the other version of these socks was written. So technically, I'm following a pattern after all (nevermind that it's one I've never seen).

Speaking of Shelia, her shawl is the one that was stolen from MDSW. How friggin' rude. Stealing yarn or money would be shocking enough, but to take a finished object representing hours and hours of knitting and designing by an independent designer, from the booth of a small business is the ultimate outrage.

Don't want to end on such a downer, so here's a little bit of funny:
Can you see why this melon was so amusing to E? (click for bigness)

In crazy cat tricks, "Can't get this monkey off my back."