Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knit 3 Wear 3

See the button over there? =============>
Above my Ravelry WIPS?

Yeah, I'm planning to knit 3 sweaters for myself this year. Just after signing up, I snatched up some absolutely stunning Frog Tree Pima Silk in a lovely dark red. From the 40% off bin, no less! I've just finished the bottom border lace on Decimal.

I'm going to skip the belled sleeves. I am way too accident prone to wear that much fabric on my lower arms.

Hopefully I'll get some good pictures tomorrow.

I haven't yet decided what to do for the other 2 sweaters. Summer Knits just arrived in my mailbox today, maybe something will grab me from there. I'd like to make one everyday, three-season pullover and something with colorwork. The Knit So Fine book really has me thinking about the benefits of something in finer yarns. We'll see how I feel about that after Decimal, though!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh, my dear friend, I am so sorry