Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thrift store score

Check out the great (not so) little bundle I picked up for $7.99!

Unwrapping it was a bit like opening Mary Poppins' Bag!

There were even more things packed in than I thought when I bought it.

Very image heavy post, if you haven't already noticed ;)

15 pairs straights:

14" Sz 1,2,3,4(x2),6,7,10,10.5,11(x2), 19, plus a lone sz 15.

10" sz 3, 6, 9

These are all Boye or Bates.

5 pairs metal double-points, all with their original packaging (and a plastic ruler). These are marked from 29 cents to $1.00.

7" Boye sz 1, Phildar sz 2 (2.75mm), Zephyr 3 and 5
10" Boye sz 8.

Knitting Knobby, by Zephyr
Label says:
"Modern Version of the Old Horse Rein Spool Knitter



Knitting looms? And an afghan pattern that uses them, from a 1982 issue of Family Circle.

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Some ribbon remnants and loaded bobbins.

Some rather, um, interesting fashions in these little pamphlets. The one on the right has several sock patterns, and index card notes for argyle socks. The bobbins may be from those, too.

The notes look much like the ones I make while knitting. With lines of hash marks, and numbers jotted in random places, they are obviously meant only for the original knitter to understand.

A knit-check in very good condition, with the original cardboard wrapper.

A handful of point protectors.

An amazing collection of vintage metal circulars (and one 29" sz 8 Boye with nylon cord):

11" sz 1, 2, 4, 5
24" sz 3
29" sz 2(x2), 3 (x3), 4 (x2), 5.

The cords are a twisted wire cable, similar to some silver jewelry chain. The joins look incredibly smooth. I can't wait to try these out.

Promotional matchbook for a mortician?

Note the old-style phone number and postal code!

Well, how nice, they offered financing.

Hmm, not a matchbook after all. Instead of matches, they're some sort of glue for stopping stocking runs, along with a few colors of very fine thread and a needle.

Quite a good use of $8, I think.

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Friday, July 20, 2007


Thank to Aija, I went back to the Hurt Book Sale, and picked up Knitting on the Road, as well as Hands on Spinning, for under $10 each. Check out the Amazon page for KotR!!

Not much progress on the knitting or shop updating front, as I'm just getting over a nasty cold, and now we're going through the spare room (which has been Room of Boxes since the move) to get it ready for my MILs visit (Three (3!!!) weeks earlier than she told us in May).

Maybe tonight I'll get some pix edited so I can do a real post.

Time to move the stash. Wish me luck! Back later, unless I get knocked out by falling boxes of yarn.

Pretty yarn to tide you over!

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Success! No, nothing fiberly. Most of my usual knitting/computer time since the 4th of July has been spent convincing the little yowler under my house that I am generally not going to bite. Just enough food and water to tempt the little bugger. Yesterday, I got within 4 feet and was pretty proud of myself. Tonight I had the stroke of genius to add some playthings to the mix. A little dangling of a bell on a length of yarn convinced it to taste the food straight from the scoop by my leg and - Gotcha!

After a few minutes of unbelievably loud crying, I gave a good ear/head rub, and was rewarded with an equally loud purr.

I think it came from the house behind us, but they really don't seem concerned about it. In fact, they went away for a 3-day weekend. We have 2 cats already, so keeping it would mean 1) convincing He-Who-Tolerates-Cats; 2) making sure it's not going to pass anything icky to the bigguns; 3) making sure said bigguns don't eat it as a tasty after-dinner snack.

I should be able to get back to the knitting now that the subterranean mewling and the insane heat are done. I have some fun news, an FO or two, and some WIPs to share.

For now, I'm off to give one more backrub to the fuzzball and then bed.