Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tikkun Project

Haven't had a chance to read this much, but I am intrigued.
Tikkun Project

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Phew, that was exhausting!

December wore me out!

After frantic knitting a couple years ago, I said you couldn't pay me to knit Christmas gifts. Turns out that, actually, you can. I had 2 huge orders of toys to get out in time for the holiday. Plus some instock stuff to ship. (Did I take any pictures? Of COURSE not. Grrr. Doubly frustrating given that some of the items were new designs. At least I managed to write down the patterns this time.)

On top of that and getting ready for my own holidays, I spent a lot of time online hoping a friend would make it through the season. As you can see by my last post, she did not. It's amazing how Internet friendships can have such a deep impact on ones life. Though I never met or even phoned Jess, she had a place in my heart and I will miss her.

I've never been big on resolutions, so I have no specific goals for 2008. I have been inspired to finish some lingering projects.

The Bulky Hooded Vest from KP&S is done and blocking. Bulky 100% wool takes forever to dry, especially shut up in the spare room to prevent cats from stealing the pins. Then zipper time. I've been reading every tutorial I can find on sewing a separating zipper into handknits, but am still nervous.

I mended a couple holes in the knees of the little one's pants, and added length to one pair. He's been outgrowing or tearing them faster than I can knit new ones.

I am almost finish with some convertible gloves for my oldest. He actually asked for something knit! I used the Knucks pattern, then read through Broad Street to figure out how to attach a shell. I'm a bit stuck on how to sew down the ribbing, though. The Knitty photo is very dark.

Jeanie knocked me off track big time. I had been pondering what to knit with the beautiful Dream in Color from my KCS3 box when the Winter Knitty came out. I just knew I had to make Jeanie. A lovely Christmas bonus in the form of a gift certificate sealed the deal. The managers and owner of the store are at TNNA this weekend, and 2 skeins of Ruby River Smooshy will be ordered just for me!

I held out until Friday night. Hopped up on caffeine from making the slog to drop off my oldest for the weekend, and everyone here asleep, I piled up my stitch markers, dug out some waste yarn and got to it. I'm taking it slow, though, as I may have to alternate skeins once I see how different they are from each other.

My most exciting news is that I am teaching two classes at the shop, and one of them is completely sold out, with a waiting list forming! Apparently Toe-up Magic Loop is a hot topic.

I've also been working on a shop blog, and am now going to be sending some layout ideas to the store's web person to liven up the main page, and make it a bit more distinct from the sew and vac store.

Knit blogging is not so fun this time of year in the NW, as my pictures tend to look like crud. I will try to get some next time I see the sun.

Off to work on my class handout for next weekend.