Thursday, October 04, 2007

Summer shopping extravaganza

If knitting books count as stash, I fell hard!

From the IK Hurt Book Sale. The spinning book has a little dent at the bottom, and the inside cover of Knitting on the Road left a bit of color on the title page.

Knit Picks' summer book sale. Took advantage of the free shipping to add to my needle collection, too.

My LYS has a 25% birthday discount, and a punch card program (once you've spent $250, you get $25 off). After combining the 2, I spent $9.75 for the 4 patterns and book above. Ever have reverse buyer's remorse? I was kicking myself when I got home.

I made up for it with a trip to Woodland Woolworks' "Stash Room" where I snagged a few back issues (and some sock yarn, but that's for another post, this uploading is taking forever!)

After hearing that this lovely book was going out of print, I snatched up a copy (autographed!) from an Amazon seller.

My crafty side joins my inner bookworm in a shiver of delight! I've read all of these at least once, cover to cover.


11 said...

Wow! This is like a personalized listmania of great knitting books. Thanks for sharing!

Lia said...

You're welcome!