Monday, October 01, 2007

Going Crazy!

Full moon? Change in weather? It's been nuts around here, whatever the reason.

I just remembered that the sign-ups for Coffee Swap Three opened today. Eeek, I hope I made it in.

I have 2 months worth of pix to show, so I'm going to try to post a few every day until I'm caught up again. (we'll see how well that goes)

My first Baby Surprise Jacket, in recycled merino and scraps of Manos.
(Wow, that's a crappy picture. Sorry about that.)

M & E and cousin A frolicking at the park.

A custom toy order, perfect for summer fun.
(I told you I was backlogged with photos! These are from August.)

Pancho Villa in the Laundry
(Yes, we kept him.
E fell for the little guy, and we're just big ol' pushovers.)

Coming next time: Serious stash acquisition thanks to a birthday coinciding with LYS credit plus a store closeout followed by a sock yarn sale.

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