Friday, December 01, 2006

Coffee Shops and Mugs

Squeeeeze! That's the sound of this entry just sliding in under the wire for the KCS contest deadline.
I was going to post a pic of a local shop, too, but yesterday's didn't turn out well at all.  So, here goes:

This is Coffee in Motion.  It's key to keeping my sanity on my bi-weekly two-hour* drive taking Boy Wonder to his dad's.

Sorry about the blur on this one.  I haven't quite figured out the low light settings on my camera (it wasn't nearly as dark as it looks, either).

Yep.  It's a drive-up shop, in a double-decker bus.  Actually, I think they have tables and seating upstairs, but I always drive through.  Gotta get my caffeine before I hit the freeway.

A couple of my mugs.

                                    Most often used.
My trusty Nissan Stainless travel mug.  Note the all important rubber grip.  Yeah, I've been known to need that sort of thing.  On the right, a mug from our wedding dishes.  I love these.  They were a big factor in picking the set.  They're just the right thickness at the brim.  A funny note about these: I've seen them on two different TV shows (Judging Amy, final season.  Can't remember the other show, but they were the brown version.).

        Yes, I love them enough to post two pictures.

                                      Espresso cups
I have a set of 4 of these.  My mom and I found these in a coffee shop, about 8 years ago.  I think it was a Coffee People, maybe Seattle's Best (before Starbucks bought them and whored 'em out to McD's, they were a pretty nice chain).  They are great when I'm in the mood for black espresso, or for splitting a little pot.  I used them everyday, until getting the blue ones.  Now I mostly use these on holidays, when my mom's here, or for serving my hot Holiday Nog.

*It's two hours, each way, IF hell freezes over, pigs fly, and I can keep the baby happy for all that time.  He's old enough now to not instantly fall asleep, and too young for most travel entertainment.  Lately it's been taking between 5 and 6 hours, from leaving home, to getting back home.

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