Thursday, November 09, 2006


No, I'm not posting a much belated TLAP entry. I'm suffering from some serious knitting curse.

Shortly after I did a celebratory, I-am-a-grafting-genius dance around my house, I spread out all the sweater bits to seam, and realized that there is something seriously wrong with the sleeve cap. Having never knit (or sewn) anything with set-in sleeves, I didn't know what I was doing, and the pattern is rather vague.

But it is now painfully obvious. The sleeve caps are definitely shorter than the armholes. Again, "Aaargh!" sez I.

So, time to rip back to the last increase row, and give it another go.

I decided to start the coordinating pants. When I picked out the yarn, I thought everything would match nicely. I had a plan. NO seat of my pants knitting for me. I picked out blue cotton for the sweater, blue and brown marled wool, and a solid brown for waist and cuffs on the pants.
I even waited a couple extra weeks for the back-ordered brown.

When I finally saw my yarn, I realized I'd made a big oops with the cotton. 4/2 cotton is not DK weight. OK. I can deal, I'll just pick a new pattern on smaller needles. (bwahahahahaha!)

And . . . the blues are not the same. Not at all. I really should have learned my lesson about colors and online ordering last winter (ordered yarn described as burgundy, black ,and cream. Got mauve, charcoal, grayish-white). So much for the whole matching outfit idea, but at least I'll get two nice garments out of the deal, right? Ha! The solid brown is not the same brown as the marled. And, not only are the blues in the cotton and the wool different, they really don't look that great next to each other.

I am determined to finish this godforsaken sweater, but I may very well sell/trade/? the wool. I only ordered it to do this particular project.

I did manage to finish a hat this week, but not before knitting to the the 2nd to last row, realizing I'd done the decreases asymmetrically, ripping back, and then finishing anew. Poor babe's been sick , so no pix yet.

How do I get my knitting karma back on track?

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