Friday, October 13, 2006


It's a disease, I tell you.  As if the 5 (five!) WIPs (OK, five currently being worked on) weren't enough, I decided to spend a couple hours Wednesday making these:


In the interest of full disclosure, here's a quarter for scale:

I'm not loving the sweater, but I stopped myself from ripping it back.  The dolly doesn't need clothes that badly.

Some of those previously mentioned WIPs:
The babe's blue cardigan.  I blocked the body, and did a three-needle bind off on the shoulders.  I originally thought I would seam the sides, pick up stitches and work the sleeves in the round top-down, but decided I  wasn't in the mood for tinkering with the pattern. 

So, the sleeves (I'm working two at a time) are about 1/3 complete, then I need to seam, and knit the hood.  Oh, and pick buttons of course.  Maybe some nice wooden ones.


Perfection Pants, in Zitron Loft.  The color repeats are incredibly long.  I pulled out about 20 yards of the second ball, in a futile attempt to get the legs to match.  Ah, well.


Falling Leaves socks, with my STR.  I don't think this pattern is going to work.  I really wish designers would include gauge in stockinette in addition to the pattern gauge.  I think the yarn is too heavy, and these are probably going to be too big.  Not sure what pattern to try next.  Maybe I'll give in and go with RPM.  I really wanted to find a pattern that was both toe-up, and lacy.  I may go back through my print magazines.


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