Thursday, October 26, 2006

Houston, we have progress.

I've been forcing myself to concentrate on this *&^^% blue cardi., lest I take so long to finish that the little bug grows out of it before it's done.

Amazing how much faster the knitting is when you don't pick up something new every half hour.

Here's where things stood Monday evening:

And this morning:

Sleeves cast off, washed, and blocked.

While I was waiting for the sleeves to dry, I picked up the stitches around the top, knit the 4 row neckband (and remembered the buttonhole!!), and cast on the extra stitches for the hood.  Only about 8 bazillion stitches to go.  Maybe not, but 133 stitches for 28 cm, at a gauge of 26 sts x 34 rows = 10 cm, certainly seems like waaay too many. 

Next time you hear the words "100% cotton", and "size 3" in reference to anything larger than baby socks, restrain me.  Seriously.  Ack.

Also, I went back to the website to look at the picture for clarification on a couple things and noticed something odd:

What do you see on that button band?  Edging.  That's what I see.  Some sort of finishing was done to the edge of that garter stitch.  But what? and why, why, did they feel no need to tell me about this in the pattern? It looks so much better.  Much more, well, finished.

The DROPS designs are fabulous to look at, but the patterns require quite a bit of reading between the lines.  I don't know if that's the writer's style, or due to the translation process.

In other WIP news, I somehow lost the working version of the pattern for the orange multi pants.  You know, the one with all the measurements and gauge written on it.  Aaaaargh!  I'm hoping it fell out of my bag in the car, and will turn up somewhere in the detritus covering the front passenger floor.

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