Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fiber-y Goodness and Sling Junkies

Had a blast yesterday at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Didn't get there as early as I would have liked, and somehow only managed to find one of the two friends I was going to meet.  My sweet husband took charge of The Incredible Grabby Toddler so I could browse in peace.

I was so good about not overspending that I actually had non-buyer's remorse when we left.  I tried to go back at the last minute and get one more skein of Socks That Rock, but they were already packing up when I got there.  (Arrgh! Even more regret now.  Just checked the website, and they had sooo many more colors in person.  Damn!) 

The only purchase I regret is a couple back issues of Interweave Knits.  They're both issues I'll use, but I thought they were discounted, and I paid cover price.  Plus the line was so slow, I could have gone to at least 2 vendors in the time I spent there.

Next year, I'm going to try to go alone, or with fellow fiber junkies only.  I'm gonna go early, stay late, and actually take my brochure with vendor list and map WITH me, instead of leaving it here.  I also really want to go to Black Sheep.

I'll try to post pix of my goodies tomorrow.

Today was fun, too.  Went to Portland NINO meeting.   Got to see some people I know, and some new ones, too.  And lots of great carriers.  Everything from NOJO padded rings sling, to Gypsy Mama wrap, podegi to Hot Sling, Ergos, Mei Tais, and more.  There were lots of little bitty babies.  E played very well with N, who's only a month older.  I think I need to find more opportunities for him to socialize, he just loves it.  So much so that when it was time to leave, he threw a classic Two-Year-Old Tantrum.  Except he's not even 2 until April.  Eeek!

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