Monday, September 11, 2006

End of Summer Fun

We've been sooo busy around here.  Trying to cram everything in before the sun takes off to Southern climes.

I'll add knitting content next time around.  Here are just a few of the things we've been up to:
Everyday Routines
Helping big brother with his chores.  Dang, look at that big kid.

Bend/Black Butte/Reunion
Our annual family reunion with my mom's side.
Cousins.  12 kids ages 12 and under!

DH, babe and I went to Bend for our 3rd anniv. while the big kids stayed with Nonna (my mom) and the rest of the clan.
First Ice Cream Cone!

Running off the ice cream at the park.

Birthday Party in the Park

How the *&^% have 10 (!!) years gone by already!?!

  BoyWonder doesn't like cake, so we had root beer floats. 

Quick! Look while you can.  I actually came out from behind the camera.

State Fair

DH took the big 2 on rides while the babe and I roamed around the fair.  The craft displays were definately inspiring.  Maybe I'll enter something next year.

Braving the Super Loop!
After rides, we all did the petting zoo, had dinner and treats, and watched the juggler.

Hey! Don't eat my shirt, deer!

Mmmm! New fave. food to put the molars to good use.

Using up their game tickets.

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