Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stranded knitting how-to's.

Per request, here's how I learned to do stranded knitting:
is a great video.
I knit Continental, so the two-handed method works great for me. Also, holding the 2nd strand English-style helps me not pull too tightly. I actually was a bit loose, and it was kind of a pain to go back and pull all the extra yarn to the side, but definately better than being too tight, since that'll make it pucker.

Well, now that I'm looking, I realize that the Philosopher's Wool video IS still working, just not for my Netscape. But with Internet Explorer, it's a great video. Also, the part titled "The Third Stitch" helps get rid of all those loops you see on my work, by weaving the unused yarn in as you go.. Hmm, definately doing it that way next time, especially on sleeves, to eliminate the chance of catching little fingers.

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