Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Winter Soldier 2008

I can't believe (well, sadly I CAN) that the corporate media isn't covering this.

Winter Soldier: Hundreds of veterans and active-duty soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are gathering today for the Winter Soldier hearings. The soldiers plan to give eyewitness accounts of the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War, the gathering is modeled after the 1971 Winter Solider hearings organized by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

For more information, and to read some transcripts, see these links:

Iraq Veterans Against the War
The War Comes Home (KPFA radio)
Democracy Now

Spread the news. These men and women have given so much. They deserve to be heard by every American.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this on Democracy Now the other day. The things these poor soldiers had to go through were just unspeakable. I thought they were all very courageous for speaking up.