Thursday, June 14, 2007

Unpacking my life, upturning my yard

I felt like I was making progress on the unpacking and organizing, until my mom finished moving. I am now in possession of everything she was keeping for me. A lot of it I had totally forgotten about.

There were some great blasts from the past, including a box of favorite childhood books, and some beloved dolls. Unfortunately for them, they were banished to the carport post-haste after I found some fossilized moth cocoons in there. Amazing how many 1970s dolls and stuffed animals had wool stuffing, clothes, felt faces or accessories. I'm sure the moth damage happened long ago, and there are probably no living creatures anywhere in there. However, the Room of Boxes is the future CraftRoom, and contains my stash. Not worth the risk! Sorry lovies, out with you.

My freezer is already packed full with flour, mixes, and other dry goods, as I apparently didn't succeed at abolishing the previous tenants' pantry moth issue. So far, I haven't found any contaminated food, but there are 6-8 in my sticky traps. I'm hoping that the traps are working so well that all of the males are stuck in glue and there can be no breeding in my kitchen.

Also hope they aren't working too well, and attracting all the moths from outside into my kitchen.

So until we find a good deal on a chest freezer, or I find some other way to make sure any moths in the dolls are dead, my husband's going to have to work around that box.

I'm not getting much done lately. We're (well, my role is pretty much limited to moral support and bring of cold beer) putting a foundation under the house this summer. All of the ground around the house will be dug out, the house jacked up, and the foundation poured in stages underneath. It really hit me what we were getting into when J told me he found the perfect length of plywood to use as a bridge to get in the door.

This means any interior, cosmetic, and yard projects have to wait. No point in painting or window treatments before we know what will or won't crack and be replaced. Can't landscape where the Bobcat will be driving.

My response to this has been a serious case of sluggishness. I have barely touched the boxes in the last couple weeks. I'm not feeling particularly motivated by my personal knitting projects, and a new design for the store is giving my serious grief.

I am also facing a bittersweet milestone: my firstborn, my baby big guy, is done with 5th grade on Tuesday. Just 3 days left in elementary school! Wow, time sure flies. Went to the first parent night at the Middle School. What a weird feeling that was! I remember those years so well, and I sure as hell am not ready for my kiddo to go through that huge transition from 6th grade to 8th, from big little kid, to teetering on the edge of adulthood.

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