Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer vacation makes a busy, busy mama and knitter.

Amazing how the presence of one more kid can really cut into my blogging time. Oh, OK, I wasn't exactly prolific before. But "can't blog, kid's home" sounds a lot better than "can't blog, mopping the floor," KWIM?
It's been H. O. T., too. Not today, though. It's actualy raining a bit. I have been knitting quite a bit. Lots of pattern researching, swatching, and blocking. And playing with my new Needlemaster set. MUCH better than I feared. For $29 (Yay Tuesday Morning!) it's certainly worth it.
Here's what the yarn from last entry became:
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A little sunhat and felted mocs for my cousin's new babe.

Here's the hat on a bear, to show off the little brim:
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I used sock weight yarn and smaller needles, to get a newborn size from this pattern.

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